What does it take to become an appraiser?

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to become an appraiser? Perhaps you work in a field that works in close collaboration with appraisers, and you’re merely curious. Whatever the reason, we’ll break down some of the requirements and benefits of working as an appraiser. Appraisers have a wide-range of tasks to complete each job and must also have the ability to meet each of those tasks. Whether working as a part of an appraisal company or individually, these jobs are relatively similar. However, before an appraiser can begin working, they have to meet several specific requirements. Requirements such as a bachelor’s degree and two years of apprenticeship with a curriculum dedicated to obtaining a certified appraiser license have weeded out many looking for a quick career change. There are some jobs that do not require as much training, but because an appraisal is so important for so many people, the industry takes comprehension and capability very seriously. Once basic requirements have been met, however, the possibilities are endless. Many love their job for its freedom and flexibility. Long, hard hours and deadlines do need to be fulfilled, yet there is a particular extension allowed to appraisers that makes for a very happy workplace. That being said, there are differences between working with an appraisal company and working as an individual. As an individual, there is a lot of openness to clients and jobs. It is almost as if they can “pick and choose” which sites they want to work on. As a company, things may be different in how an appraiser receives their work and how it gets completed. Variance in day and experience will also be different. Individuals can choose to specify or work on unique properties, with a company it may be limited. There are many pros and cons to each area, and an intensive study of both will be needed to suit your wants and requirements. Growth is an opportunity that is afforded to both parts of the industry, but the change may be slow. Yet, the appraisal industry has seen a boom in demand recently. And If the trend continues, the few years or so it takes to become an appraiser might be very appealing to a lot of people thinking about shifting jobs or adding another skill under their belt.

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