Do I Need An Appraisal In Utah?

One of the most common inquiries we get about Utah appraisals is if a person needs one, and along with that, how to know when an appraisal is needed. Technically, an appraisal can be obtained at any time, but, there are specific times when one will be needed. If you’re uncertain, you can always ask an appraiser, however here is a quick list of necessity appraisals:
  • With a large remodel
  • Selling or buying a home
  • During a home refinancing
  • Tax reassessment
  • Weather or other serious damage
Federal regulation requires an appraisal to be done for loan purposes. The process includes hiring an appraiser, identifying the property and the intended use of the appraisal on any real estate. There is often worry about getting a credible appraisal report. Though there is no uniform reporting style, all appraisals must contain the same basic information. A credible report will include a clear and accurate description of the property, recent sales or comparable properties, comments that make certain findings more clear, and an opinion of value supported by the data within the report. So if you’re looking for an appraisal in Salt Lake or Utah County, give us a call today.

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