Price per Square Foot Misconceptions

Hi. I’m Matt Frentheway with Aspen Appraisal Group. I’ve been appraising since 2004 in Northern Utah and I’m a Certified Residential Appraiser. The purpose of this video today is to talk about some of the common misconceptions that people have…

Appraisals for rennovations

When it comes to your home, there are probably a few things you aren’t thrilled with. Maybe your kitchen isn’t large enough, or you’d like a finished basement. For whatever the reason, home improvement projects are becoming more popular.  Home…

Basements and Appraisals

Did you know basements and finished attics are the easiest way to increase living area for the lowest cost? They’re also included in your home’s value if done correctly. So if you’ve ever heard to stay away, now’s your chance…

Understanding your appraisal

Every appraisal is different so reading them can be hard. If your last appraiser used a uniform report, you might notice the similarities in report, but if the appraiser has their own unique report, it’s easy to feel a little…

Appraising Horse Property

Appraising Horse Property

Equine properties can be among the hardest to appraise due to the time between sales and variances of size and amenities of each property. Typically, a comparable sale should be within the past 12 months, but the appraisal will also…

Appraising Rural Properties

Appraising Rural Properties

Rural properties area part of a special market that requires knowledgeable, dedicated appraisers. Rural properties can be difficult due to their size, location, and wildlife, not to mention their own individual markets (farms, cottages, ranches, etc.) Knowing The Area It…

Green the New Future for Housing

Green is everywhere, from the cars we buy to the food we eat; the demand for environmentally friendly products and services seems to be insatiable. Green is spreading to every aspect of our life, including the homes we live in….

Appraisal After Damage

Appraisal After Damage

With the recent fire tragedies in the western states, many people find themselves having to deal with damage and loss of their home. The insurance process is complicated and can often stretch into many months of phone calls and paperwork….

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